To say that this is unusual days is probably an understatement.

I have known school to close for a few days when so many children were sick with the flu. I can even remember cancelling a few high school ballgames, but I can never remember a time when we cancelled church services.

For full disclosure, I had the flu last week and did not plan to go to church on Sunday so I would  not make those around me to feel uncomfortable as I still have a lingering cough.

I found out many of our churches had cancelled services and was live streaming making a Sunday morning quite different than a normal Sunday.

Bro. Ken Hester delivered a very poignant message on Psalms 23. This was the first time I attended a church service in my living room, in my pajamas, watching a live stream on my iPad.

I commend Bro. Ken with being able to deliver such a strong message in the sanctuary with no people there.

This may be just some of the things we do differently for the next few weeks. We have technology that we can use to keep us together.

Last night, I was missing my grandchildren, as I have not seen them in over a week. Facetime is not something new we do, but it was such a blessing last night to get to not only talk to them, but see them and in a small way we got to interact with each other.

There is something about the visual, seeing them play and laugh, that the voice can’t do.

We may need to keep our distance from each other for a couple of weeks, but that does not mean we have to be isolated. Call each other, facetime each other, stay in contact with each other.

As Bro. Ken said in his message, this is just a season and this season will pass.

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