I had the pleasure to going with my sister and Dad to Bilioxi.

My Dad went to all of his four children’s sporting games and events, then he went to as many as he could of his six grandchildren’s games. Now he is attending as many games as he can of his 12 great-grandchildren’s games.

At 87 years old he is at as many games as he can get to. He has gone to soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, power lifting, archery, football, band performances, barrel races and even watched karate.

He may not know all there is to know about all these things but he is there cheering on each one of his great grandchildren.

That was the reason for our trip to Bilioxi. His great granddaughter, Annah Lane was planning a softball tournament and he was not going to let a five to six-hour drive keep him from attending.

My sister Teresa has been taking him to all of Annah Lane’s softball games all season and as I found out he has become the team Papaw.

Everyone called him Papaw and took care of him at each game.

When we showed up, everyone moved and put daddy in the shade and made sure he had the best seat to watch the game.

All the girls on the team seemed as happy as Annah Lane was that Papaw was there to watch them and believe me he knows softball and was cheering the girls on and letting the umpire know when they made a bad call.

I was impressed with that team and the respect they and their family had for an elderly man. There are still people raising children right and teaching them how to be a good sport on and off the field.

My dad may be 87, but he can hang. He went to every game, went sight-seeing from Bay St. Louis over to Ocean Springs, went to a minor league baseball game and lasted through an hour rain delay, went out to dinner every night.

He was up before anyone else each morning and stayed with us each night until well after his usual bedtime.

I plan to make more vacation memories with my Dad.

He said he wants to go to Branson and I hope to get to share that trip with him.

Thanks daddy for always being there for me and for being there for all our family.

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