I am doing something I have not done but once in 29 years. I am taking an entire week vacation.

OK, I am doing some work from home, but I am not going into the office for the entire week.

I am not going anywhere, just working on projects that I have been wanting to get done. Well, my brother is going to do a lot of these projects.

I have a long list of things that is not in my skill set.

I need to have the inside of one of my toilets replaced so I don’t have to jiggle the handle every time it is flushed.

I have a new curved shower curtain rod that it takes at least two people to put up. I tried that one by myself and it is way outside my skills.

The one that I am most excited about it building a sofa for my patio. I bought the lumber and the cushions a couple of months ago and it looks like that will get built this week.

I am sure I will spend the rest of the week decorating the patio. I will have time to go shopping for an area rug, some throw pillows and possibly some plant stands.

I have a couple of projects that I will be able to do myself. I have some concrete blocks that I am going to paint and put some boards on to make a shelf on the patio.

I also have a vanity dresser that I plan on refinishing. Not sure if I am going to go back with a stain or some kind of paint treatment.

I may need more than one week to get all these projects completed, but the possibility of spending a few days creating something new is exciting.

A stay home vacation doesn’t sound too bad.

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