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Ron Baldwin (left) and Margie Baldwin, pose beside their Model T Ford, after having lunch at Boondocks Grill, on Oct. 24, along with fellow club members Dan Resch, president of the Magnolia State Model T Ford Club, and his wife, Rosie. The couples drove their antique cars from the Gulf Coast, stopping at several state parks, and took a scenic walk around Pontotoc before heading home.

Downtown Pontotoc was abuzz on Oct. 24, as a pair of Model T Fords rolled into town, attracting a lot of attention.

The cars were parked outside Antiques Downtown, and the drivers, a pair of couples from the Gulf Coast, Dan and Rosie Resch, and their friends, Ron and Margie Baldwin, had lunch at Boondocks Grill, then walked out to a small crowd gathered around their unusual vehicles.

The quartet drove their cars—a 1914 and a 1926 Model T—the length of the state, and landed in Pontotoc on a whim.

“The map brought us here,” said Ron Baldwin, president of the Magnolia State Model T Ford Club, with a rascally smile.

Rosie Resch had the Plain Jane burger--angus beef, lettuce, and tomato--and loved it. She was happy to talk.

“We came up and stayed the night at Clarko State Park, in Quitman,” said Resch. “We drove up to Lake Tiak-O’Khata, in Louisville, and spent the night, then came on up to Tupelo.”

The Resches and Baldwins didn’t need much of a reason to set out on the road, just a hankering to ride, they said. They like to take life at a slower pace.

“If you get in a hurry, like most folks today, you miss a lot,” said Dan Baldwin.

The Magnolia Club convened in the 1970s, and today has 34 members.

“Just folks who worked on cars, and traded cars, and loved cars,” said Baldwin.

Driving 100-year-old cars on modern interstate highways is a challenge, Resch said.

“We broke a bolt along the way, and had to have it welded, but, otherwise, we’ve been fine,” said Resch.

The fellas improved the vehicles to make them more suitable to modern highways, including pop-up pistons, disk brakes, Resch said.

“This is a very nice town,” said Ron Baldwin. “I don’t know where we’ll spend the night, going south. Wherever we feel like it.”

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