In the midst of all the changes that Covid-19 has made in our lives, I find it uplifting to see how many people have found comic relief and can laugh at themselves.

Being separated from our friends and family as we shelter in place and keep our social distance is difficult, but like most challenges in life, it is all about how we face and handle the challenge that makes the difference in our well-being.

I have found myself laughing at some of the post people are putting on Facebook about the new challenges they face.

The post about gas prices being so low and we have no place to go rang true with me. My weekly routine has me on the road about four days out of the week and I would typically burn though one and half tanks to two tanks of gas a week.

I have gone two weeks on less than a quarter tank of gas. At this rate, I will make the month of April on one tank of gas.

I think I smile the most at the post from parents laughing about their efforts at home schooling their children. I am probably laughing because I don’t have to home school my child and I know I would not have been a good teacher for him.

I’m not sure this is a good idea to let parents try to teach their children math. There are not very many of them that know how to do common core math and are resorting to the method they learned math.

When these children go back to school it may take the first semester to undo what their parents taught them.

I bet the parents will have a new perspective on what a teacher does each day to teach not just one or two children, but a classroom of 25 children.

We are very accomplished and confident people in our lives, but when we are put into a different situation, we find our skills sets aren’t suited to handling these different roles.

I think this shows the resolve we have, when we can poke fun of ourselves and the situation.

Keep smiling and this too will pass.

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