Chelsea Williams

Chelsea Williams, Pontotoc Progress Designer, with her 17 Mississippi Press Association awards.

The Mississippi Press Association Advertising division has awarded the design work of Progress designer Chelsea Williams with two of the top three distinctions that can be given. In addition, she garnered five first place plaques, seven second places and three third place certificates for her work in the newspaper. Her work was judged against 822 other entries in the non-daily division.

To date, this is the most awards given to a Progress designer at one time.

The awards were presented this past weekend at the MPA Winter conference in Jackson. The contest period ran from September 1, 2018 through August 31, 2019.

Williams garnered a first place plaque for General Excellence of a well designed newspaper and well designed ads. She doesn’t get to choose the paper she submits, she must submit between certain dates required by the MPA. 

Her second first place plaque was for the silver dollar idea from all weeklies. This was for the inaugural Peek into Christmas Magazine which was published in November, 2018. Judges comments on this section was “What a beautiful section! Very nicely designed!”

Other first place awards included:

* color political ad which was for an ad for Kevin Walls-state senate. Judges comments were “Presents a lot of text without being too busy thanks to good use if white space. Color is used sparing to great effect.” 

* financial aid ad which was one for R and R finance in the Back to School section. Judges comments were: “I love this ad. The chalkboard fonts are fantastic. The ad really stands out. Great job!” 

* special section newsprint for the October 2018 Working Women’s section and the comments were “Great section for a generally unique subject. I liked how you included photos of female staff members and leaders in the ads. This would draw attention to the advertising. I really appreciated the break down of stories by subject. This entry hit all of the requirements of this category especially tying together the ads and content, as well as making sure the ads were on theme, rather than just supportive ads.” 

* a house ad in the all weeklies division, William’s house ad encouraging our readers to stay up to date with sports coverage in the newspaper and the magazines with the judges comment being, “The sharp design put this one of the the top! Great job!”

* advertising special section was for the layout and design for the Christmas Open House that is a part of the newspaper advertising who will be open on Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Williams second place awards were garnered in the following categories: Magazine ad, grocery or restaurant; Theme page; Magazine periodical; Silver Dollar idea; Magazine ad, health care; House ad; and Advertising Special Section glossy.

Her third place awards were given for her work in Niche products, Magazine ad-healthcare and Advertising special section glossy.

Progress ad consultant Angie Quarles said Williams is well deserving of the awards. 

“She takes her time and pours herself in to the ads and makes sure the customer is pleased,” Quarles said. “She does her very best to make sure the color of the ad will give the customer what they need. 

“Her design work gives me confidence that our customers will have the advertising that benefits their business. She strives to satisfy them, and she pours just as much care into a small space ad as she does a full page ad.”

Progress general manager Lisa Bryant had high praise for the top notch work Williams produces. “These are well deserved honors. There were more than 800 entries in the non daily division, and for her to win these awards shows the quality of work she does each week for us.

“She brings the unique design work that makes our newspaper stand out each week. We are thrilled to offer to our advertisers this level of quality work. She and Angie are such a great team. They communicate with each other so that we as a newspaper can give the advertisers the most for their dollar spent.”

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