As I read the paper last week, I thought what a delight it is to have a local newspaper with so many people and pictures and stories that remind me of where I am from. Thank you, people of the Progress, for all the joy and memories you bring!

Our church and community has several families affected by covid. We have reduced some of our church activities until things settle down again.

Charles Reeves died last week. He and Ruth lived in Troy. He was one of the first to help us organize a softball team. He and Ruth always have such pretty flowers in their yard. Our sympathy to this family.

Jack is riding in the big truck. He wanted to go to New Mexico, but he wanted Sissy (A.H.) to go too. Sometimes he loves her so and then he says something like he said last week, “Her drives me nuts all the day long!”

Nat and I went up to Bo’s to keep him in our vehicle while Georgi set up the sleeper in the big truck. He climbed in, saw Sissy, and would not get out. We thought, “Uh-oh.” We had to bribe him with a milkshake and a burger to get him out . Then AH decided she wanted to go to NM. Oh the difficulties of Grandma-hood!

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