My what a difference a few days can make!  Everything can be going as usual, but then a germy worm that we can't see can turn our world upside down!  Just remember, nothing catches the Lord by surprise, and He knows how to take care of his His children. We may go a little stir crazy without church and Walmart and with the kids at home, but we can learn valuable lessons from every situation - like eating peanut butter and crackers and making toilet paper last a long time. 

     About the only health issues to come up that I know of is Sheila Jenkins having a test on her heart. 
     Very special prayers for the Puckett family. Will was in my Bible class at South. I never had a bit of trouble out of him. I probably taught Blake also but can't place him right now. I taught Melissa at Shannon years ago and remember her as a quiet little girl in class. And Elsie married Dub's first cousin, Jack Matthews. We were raised with the Chambers and Keith families in Pontocola. Remember these families in your prayers please. 
     Also remember our medical folks, first responders, law enforcement folks, and our elected leaders. And all us old folks who can't see or touch our little ones. How much we miss this!

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