AnnaHayden didn't get to have her birthday party in March because everything got shut down at the same time. So Georgi decided to get one of those big water toys so A.H. and Jack could have their parties together (His birthday is July 31st). Well, everything got shut down again. They'd already paid to rent the slide, so just a few came. But we all scattered out under the shade trees and had a wonderful time. We are going to think twice about giving these kids parties next year though! 

     Bro. Armstrong celebrated his 80th by having a drive-by party. They sat out under a tent and greeted everyone who came by to wish him well. 
     Bro. Justin has preached online for the past two Sundays. He and the deacons will decide week to week whether to have regular church or not. 
     Remember our sick folks. 

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