Finally! We met back together as a church yesterday. Even with the masks and sitting far apart and no hugging, it was still wonderful. I have thought so many times how fortunate the five of us who played the music on the Facebook messages were. You may be in the building, which is a blessing, but it's not the same unless the family is there. And those who didn't get to come because of underlying health issues, we missed you so much.

Special folks who really need our prayers now include Earl Yielding. What a blessing he and his family have been even in the few years they have been in our community. He is such a wonderful teacher and compassionate person. Peggy Taylor had her first treatment. She and Everett have been special to us for over 20 years since they came here to lead our music.

And then Cindy Thomas's grandson Carson got run over Saturday and is in LeBonhour. I don't know what happened and as fast as Carson is, I'm sure Cindy and Brandy are not quite sure what happened.

Please pray for these special folks.

Also remember Kathy Weatherly and her girls. I know it's just beginning to sink in that James is gone.

I don't know the plan for next week's service, but come if you can. We'd love to welcome you.

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