News is still very short since I don't talk to many folks. I like to listen mostly, so when I telephone someone I can't think of many questions. I just say my say and hang up for the most part.

Sheila Jenkins is doing good after her heart procedure.

James Weatherly is in Memphis. He is having a rough time right now.

Felecia and Rick stood it as long as they could and then took off to Chattanooga to see Caroline. (Jerrod and Katie don't count any more.). Katie works with children, came down with the flu and cried for days while in isolation until she found out she didn't have the horrid 19. She had to watch Caroline through a window. Talk about rough on a new mother. Now she's back to SnapChatting all the cute things Caroline does.

Bro. Justin and the deacons are working on plans to reopen services soon. Until then keep watching on Facebook or whatever it's called.

Have a good week.

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