VBS was a lot of fun last week. We had a good turnout. So many helped, and we appreciate each one of them. The youth sang our special for Sunday morning services and also did a special for the commencement. Thanks to Phil Stokes, Russell Graham, and Shane Metcalf for setting up things, to the ladies who worked in the kitchen, to the teachers, to the security folks, and especially to Kim Stokes for organizing and keeping things going smoothly. 

     Several folks are having health issues. Elaine Robuck, Linda and Earl Yielding, Sarah Galloway, and Carol Ann Sewell's mother need our prayers. 
     There will be no night services next Sunday night because of Father's Day. I'm looking forward to returning to regular schedule soon because I miss our study on the emergent church and choir practice (I miss the rest of church time too!)
     We have snakes that think our yard is their yard. They are king snakes, or garter snakes, or rat snakes - not poisonous I think. (What I think doesn't amount to a hill of beans though.). Natalie and I came home from grocery shopping Saturday. I decided to go to the back door because the steps are easier for me. There stretched out by the steps was one of our friends. I waved and motioned every which way to get Nat's attention. She thought I had fallen so she's decided to get the groceries in before she came to look for me. Now we know what's most important. The snake and I were staring each other down. Finally it decided to go back under the porch and wait for a more opportune time to head wherever. 

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