We had a good turnout and a good time at our Ladies Night Out Saturday. Melanie Jasper gave such a sweet testimony of the happenings in her life. My niece Jennifer Watts did a great job leading the singing, but she's just like her aunt - something always happens to try to mess her up. She had been having trouble with her foot and thought it was better. When she stood up she felt something tear in the foot. But she still did a great job singing. Hitting those high notes might have been a result of standing on that foot!

Memorial at Pontocola Sunday was also well attended. It was also sad because of the new graves of James Homan, Linda Mallory, Dick Hill, and Maggie Tackett.

There was a bridal shower for Erin Claire Stegall Sunday afternoon. Cindy, Erin Claire's mother said they get up talking about the wedding and go to bed doing the same. She said it was so much simpler when their son Hayden got married. That's just part of the price of being the mother of the bride I guess.

Saturday Kim and Jamie Wilson's son Gabe will be getting married.

Next Sunday from 2 - 4 there will be a baby shower for my granddaughter Carley Davis Jenkins. She and Brady are expecting twins - a boy and a girl.

Sunday, Sept. 22 will be movie night. The last Sunday in Sept. will be special because we are trying something new. We'll have a potluck lunch followed by singing. I hope sometime we'll just gather around the piano like we used to at Sarah and Bailey Galloway's home and sing our favorite songs. Those were some special times.

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