Misissippi’s superintendent Dr. Cary Wright was on hand last week to congratulate the Pontotoc city School District for the district wide A grade that was received recently.

“We have 142 districts in the state and you are amongst only 22 that received the A district two years in a row,” Wright praised.

“Good education opens up every single door you want opened,” she said to the students. “We often say ‘Children are our future’ and that is the truth. One day you will be sitting in these chairs and you need to be ready to have this mantle passed on to you.”

Wright said that in the state of Mississippi only 19 districts received the A rating and this year there are 31. “In this district I see tremendous community support. Together you create a powerhouse.”

Wright noted that every school made gains “and at the high school no re-tests had to be given. These achievements require recognition.

“Keep working hard. The harder you work the more opportunities come.”

Wright said the students are changing history. “Our gains are higher than ever in the state. I get calls form people over the nation asking what we are doing; and I tell them that the students and teachers and all the staff are focused on getting the students in the best education possible.”

She paused a moment and then continued. 

“I want to tell you about the only test that is administered nationally and help you understand how it is done. They send us letters then they come and give the tests. How many of you have heard that Mississippi is always on the bottom of the list?” Hands across the gym were raised. 

“Here is a new story for Mississippi. Eighth graders made more progress than almost every other state in the nation. We are third in math and fourth in reading. And the fourth graders … The fourth graders are number one in reading and math. The fourth grade scored higher than every state in math. This is a new era in education in Mississippi. This is a time to celebrate, this is a time to be in education in Mississippi.” The crowd thundered applause.

Pontotoc City Superintendent Dr. Michelle Bivins said people have asked her how the district gets this grade. “You have to have the support staff, and students and teachers that are focused on tour goals every day. The community also shows up and supports. Every day our teachers teach children and not tests.”

Dr. Bivins said they are there in each facet of the student’s lives. “We celebrate your successes. We cry with you and we push you. We love each other and we refuse to lose, because we are Warriors!”

Dr. Wright presented Dr. Bivins with plaque to be displayed in the hall.

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