My father came into my life when I prayed for a dad. My dad showed me how a man is supposed to treat a wife and raise a child.

My dad also showed me that he would never leave me behind when I became an adult because even though I’m grown I always need my dad.

We may disagree here and there but I’m so happy that my dad is always there when I need him the most. No matter what time, night or day, I know he will drop everything for me.

I ask all of you that have fathers to spend as much time with them as you can because life is so short.

My dad is a true father that I thank God for giving me because I know he will never abandon me or choose anyone over his daughter.

Dad, I want you to know I love you and thank you for being my dad.

Happy Father’s Day to all those fathers out there. Hope all of you have a blessed day.

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