The Career STEP program is about helping people with learning skills they need to gain meaningful employment while businesses develop a reliable workforce.

Administered by Three Rivers Planning and Development District, Career STEP is in partnership with and funded by the Mississippi Department of Human Service.

Three Rivers’ Division of Human Service Director Gary Golden explained, “If you want to work, want a better job than you have now, we can help.  We can help find you a job. We can help prepare you for a different job. We can even provide you training while you keep your current job. And, we can assist employers in developing the trained talent they need.   

“There is no cost to participate in the programs either by the participants or the potential employers. For those in training, there are benefits such as free tuition, travel assistance, books, lab fees and more”, Golden noted.

In addition, there are regional career counselors who will assist both participants and employers make the most of this program. Persons and businesses interested in information about Career STEP may learn more plus contact their local career counselor online at or by calling 662-488-6999.

“We encourage everyone interested to contact us,” Golden said. “Your counselor will ask a few questions to see if you qualify for this program, and if not, they have many other programs that can benefit you.  It is worth the call. What the career counselor will do is ask: ‘What will help you most.’”

Career STEP – Participants

Advantages to becoming a Career STEP Program participant:

 Possible Services Could Include (but not limited to)

  • Paid Internship
  • Supportive Services Related to Employment
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Supportive Services Related to Education
  • WorkKeys Testing
  • Counseling/Mentoring
  • Résumé Writing
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Job Search Assistance

Career STEP— Employers

Employers participating in the Career STEP Employment Program have an opportunity to build their workforce, Golden noted.  By accepting a Careers STEP intern, employers receive

  • 320 hours (8 weeks) of work at no cost to you
  • The participant will get paid what you would pay them up to $10 per hour
  • The intern is not on your payroll. A staffing agency pays your intern directly. 
  • The program pays Workers’ Compensation for the duration of the program
  • The program can pay for work-related items (with some restrictions)
  • The program is designed to allow the participant the chance to show you their skills while you can assess if the participant is a good fit for your company.

“We can help!” Golden said.  “This is a landmark program that can be most beneficial to our workforce programs in Northeast Mississippi.”

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