Local and Personal

Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Drewery of Ripley spent Sunday with Mr. & Mrs. Kelley Drewery and family.

Mr. & Mrs. Claude Thompson from Memphis spent Sunday with Mrs. Lila Queen.

Mrs. Bonnie Flake, Randy and Cynthia from Germantown, Tenn., spent the weekend with Mrs. Alice May and Mr. & Mrs. Lacy Flake.

Mr. Benton Moody is in Tippah County Hospital for treatment.

Mr. & Mrs. Sammy Shelby and family from Memphis visited Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Shelby Sunday.

Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Crumpton had all their children at home Sunday: Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Joe Crumpton, Lisa, Monica, Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Moton, Don, Scotty and Mark of Ripley and Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Mondall of Memphis.

Rev. & Mrs. Bill Mason and son had dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Waymon Needham Sunday.

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Prescott and son, Charles, Memphis, Miss Jan Thompson, California, Mr. & Mrs. John Bond, Starkville, were guest fo Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kidd during the weekend.

Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Butler, Jeff, Vicky and Carol Ann from Memphis spent the weekend with Mr. & Mrs. B. R. Simpson.

Joe M. McGill from Memphis spent part of last week with Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Winter.

Mr. & Mrs. C. O. Simpson spent Tuesday with Mrs. Alice May.

Mrs. Patsy Webb and Mrs. Mae McKenzie spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Jackson attending a Farm Bureau Workshop.

Mr. L. P. Lence, Jr., and son Bobby of Memphis spent Saturday with Mr. & Mrs. L. P. Lence Sr.

Mrs. Don Holbrook, Mrs. Glen Stacks and Mrs. Ruby Orman visited Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Addie Mae Tatum.

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Childers, Vicksburg, were weekend guests of the Melvin Gresham and Leland Childers families.

James Norris came home from the Veteran’s Hospital Wednesday. Forrest Call is still a patient there.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ormon spent the weekend in Memphis visiting their children and grandchildren.

Lanny Dickerson of Miss State University is now doing his practice teaching at Ashland High School.

Wayne Ward is a patient in Tippah County Hospital.

Teena Ward visited this week in Memphis with Mr. & Mrs. Don Ward and Clark.

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Ward, Ripley, spent Sunday with Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Ward.

Mrs. Carol Stroupe spent the week end in Memphis with the Gene Hopkins family. She also visited her father, Mr. Tray Peeler, who is a patient in Methodist Hospital.

South of Ashland

Sp-5 Danny Baumann, after spending a few days with relatives left April 6th for his post in Vietnam.

Guest in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Sammy Ormon Sunday were SP-5 Danny Baumann and Sandra, Mr. & Mrs. Johnson Ormon, Kay, Melba, Michael and Mitchell.

Mrs. Howard Rogers and Lynda came from Georgia to attend funeral for her nephew, Gerry Ketchum April 5th.

Mark Ormon, Washington, D.C>, visited relatives recently.

Tuesday of last week Mrs. Ruby Collier visited with Mrs. Newell Wilson and Mrs. Russell Hopkins at Tupelo Hospital.

Miss Margaret Ann Edwards was home Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Ruth Daniel is spending a few day in Memphis.

Mrs. Mamie White, Mr. & Mrs. Charles White visited Mr. & Mrs. Donald Courson Saturday pm

Mr. & Mrs. Elbern Gadd visited Thursday with Mrs. Alton Thompson and children.

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