Hello. Thank you for taking time out to read about Chalybeate and Walnut. I hope everyone had a great weekend?

Are you ready for the joke of the week? Here it goes. Let’s see how many get this one. Why were the early days of history called the dark ages? Because there were so many knights! Did you get it? I hope so.

I got to see Mark Wilkins the other day. He and I had a friendly talk about Chalybeate and all the history that it has to offer. Mark and Dianne do a great job at the Chalybeate Water System. I appreciate everything you all do.

Chalybeate is full of history. I need your help. I have started publishing a little bit of Chalybeate history in this weekly column. So, if you have a little bit of history that you can share with me, please do so by calling me at the office or dropping of your knowledge at the little country store in Chalybeate.

Here’s some more Chalybeate history facts: Did you know that Chalybeate once had a bank that operated for a number of years under the presidency of W.E. Clemmer? It was forced to close down during the depression.

Please help me. I am looking forward to hearing from all the people that will start sharing some Chalybeate history! Please share it! We need to keep our historical town alive.

Also, I am looking for people to help me find the locations of where things used to be. I am working on a project for the town, like a tour with markers, stating what used to be housed in that location. I need you to bring your memory to life. Always remember to continue to support your local school, churches, and your local country store in Chalybeate.

Let’s travel across the bridges to Walnut. Let’s continue to remember that things are still busy are the Walnut area. Congratulations to all the new board of alderman that were sworn in the other evening. I know that Manse, Allan, and Josh will do a great job to assist Scott and Doc. Also, I appreciate Mayor Skinner. We need to understand what great possibilities are ahead for our great town. We are about to see great times in Walnut. Get out and enjoy what Walnut has to offer! Please remember, Walnut is going to be a growing place in the next few years! We need to support our town home-owned businesses. Let’s continue to grow Walnut!

Our prayer list for this week consists of praying and asking the Lord to continue to give strength to the all the residents of Chalybeate and Walnut community. Please keep my mother, Tommye Watson in your prayers along with Travis Drewery, Chris Wilbanks, Dennis Grisham, Kay Richardson, Jean Mathis, Donald Crum, and Dale Clifton. Keep praying for strength and comfort to all families, pray for all the COVID-19 patients and all our doctors and nurses, and pray for our state and county leaders. Let me know if I need to add anyone to the prayer list.

Dear Lord, we just want to pause this week and thank you for a new day and the new week that is ahead of us. We also say thank you for all the strength and all the grace that you have sustained for us. Thank you for seeing us through everything we had to face so far. I pray that we start and finish each day with an attitude of gratitude. Continue Lord, to give us hope, peace, joy, and love. In Jesus Name!

Please don’t forget to keep me informed. Share your news, talk about your upcoming gardens, and share great things happening with your family. To send information, email me at tim.watson@journalinc.com or call 662-837-8111.

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