The Tippah County Trash Off is a great example of creative thinking and ingenuity being used to improve a community. By design, it brings together multiple forms of good in one package. Among top concerns within any small community are the well-being of charities that strive to meet various needs and the cleanliness of the community in general.

Often businesses and government agencies extend funding to local charities. These charities work toward solutions for various problems. Whether they're providing activities for children or offering care to those in spiritual or physical need, they often see to issues that cannot be handled by government or individual effort alone. In order to do their good work, though, they need funding.

By giving to these charities through the Trash Off, though, sponsors help create even more good. The event helps get people out focusing on a problem that is often lamented but doesn't receive enough organized effort - litter. During the Trash Off, more people are working to clear the streets than any other time of year. By helping motivate this, sponsors double the positive impact of their funding dollars.

Participating in the Trash Off also helps charities accomplish more good work. Firstly, it encourages them to help with the obvious - the clearing of litter. The positive benefits of participation probably go far beyond that in many ways, though.

The time spent together gives members of various organizations an opportunity for bonding that is likely very different than their average time together. Rather than sitting together in a meeting room or restaurant, they're outside and active. It's an opportunity for teamwork, laughter and getting to know one another on a different level.

For those organizations that include youth, it is an opportunity for life lessons among participating children. Hearing about litter and pollution is informational. Getting your hands dirty cleaning it up teaches a lasting lesson, though. It also helps them learn about earning in exchange for their work. They're able to see how many bags they fill and know what the reward for those efforts will be.

All in all, the Trash Off seems to be an event that has unlimited positive aspects and few, if any, negative aspects.

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