Greetings everyone and I pray that already today you have acknowledged the blessings of God in your life. No matter how difficult things may be you can still see the goodness of God if you will look for it. 

My thoughts today are on a Bible character by the name of Jonah. I know you are familiar with him as the man who was swallowed by the great fish or as Jesus said in Matthew 12:39,40, the whale. 

C.I. Scofield said in his notes (in the Scofield Bible) that no miracle of the Bible has been subjected to so much unbelief. This reminds me of a story about a young Bible college student getting on a plane to travel off to school and as she was reading the Bible a gentleman seated next to her said: "I notice you are reading the Bible."

Then he remarked: "You don’t believe all that stuff about Jonah being swallowed by a fish do you?"

She said: "Yes, I do, and when I get to heaven I look forward to talking to him about it."

The scoffer responded by saying: "Well what if Jonah’s not in heaven?"

She replied and said: "Well, then I guess you can ask him about it."

Just a few thoughts today about Jonah and his amazing story:

Jonah was a man on the run. Why? Well because he was trying to run from God. God told him to go to Nineveh and preach but Jonah had other ideas and set out for Tarshish (in Spain). Tarshish was in the opposite direction. Jonah thought he could flee from God’s presence and purpose for his life but soon found out two great truths about running from God. (1) You can run but you can’t hide and; (2) you can run but you can’t run away.

When Jonah boarded that ship headed to Tarshish little did he know that God was watching him and waiting on him in the middle of the of the Mediterranean Sea. Long before the actors David Jansen and Harrison Ford played the part of Richard Kimball in a T.V. series and a movie called the Fugitive, Jonah was a fugitive from God. A man on the run. 

Maybe you know somebody like that or maybe you have been there or possibly that is you today. Stop running from God and turn around and run to Him. GOD BLESS.


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