Alderman Jon Grisham looks over property clean up photos presented by Sandra Gonzales and Joshua Thompson in October's board meeting.

RIPLEY • During their monthly meeting Tuesday, Oct. 6, Ripley’s alderman voted to extend the city’s executive order requiring masks indoors.

The order was enacted on Friday, July 10. It states that “all persons who are present within the jurisdiction of the City of Ripley shall wear a clean face-covering any time they are or will be, in contact with other people in indoor public or business spaces where it is not possible to maintain social distance.”

The order does not mandate that people wear a mask or face covering while outdoors.

Gov. Tate Reeves ended the statewide mask mandate last month, however, face coverings are still required in schools. Municipal masking orders are still in place in several North Mississippi towns.

Ripley Aldermen will revisit the executive order at their November meeting and decide whether to cancel or extend it further.

• Aldermen heard from John Little on the status of his property cleanup. He said that the yard is looking better. He said the inside is still a work in progress. It was his grandfather’s home and he is taking his time pulling the boards off of it.

Mayor Chris Marsalis informed Little that he can haul any rubbish to the road and the city will pick it up.

Little also brought to the board’s attention that grass is being mowed and blown out into the street. He said it looks bad and it is against the law. He said that it is littering and is dangerous for bikers like himself. He said it needs to be swept off the streets. He asked the board if they could do something about it. Mayor Marsalis said they would look into a solution.

• Joshua Thompson and Sandra Gonzales brought some pictures of the work they are doing on the property on Robinson Road. Gonzales said they are working on getting underpinning now. They will be tearing the old down and putting the new up so the underpinning will match better.

Mayor Marsalis said that the property was looking better and thanked them for working with the city on the cleanup project.

Gonzales asked if there was anything else that needed to be done. Marsalis said he would ride by the property and see. Thompson asked for the mayor to call him with any additional suggestions for the property.

Alderman Jackie McKenzie asked if they planned on renting the property out once it is fixed up. Thompson said they were undecided about that at the moment. He would like to sit down with the zoning board to discuss building apartments there in the future.

In other business the alderman:

• Approved the minutes for the Sept. 1 regular board meeting, Sept. 9 recessed board meeting, and Sept. 29 special board meeting.

• Approved the claims Docket for September 2020.

• Approved advertising for veteran’s memorial.

• Approved Municipal Compliance Questionnaire.

• Approved advertising for yearly bids.

• Approved Engagement Letter from Lindsey and Davis for the audit of the year ended Sept. 30, 2020.

• Approved purchase of a half-page ad in Pine Grove yearbook ($100).

• Approved Lisa Mauney and Kathi Watson to attend the Fall Workshop.

• Approved to execute Memorandum of Understanding with the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration (Senate Bill 2969)

• Approved creating a new bank account for the receipt and holding of state funds (Senate Bill 2969).

• Approved executing Memorandum of Understanding with the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration (Senate Bill 2969-Veterans).

• Approved creating a new bank account for receipt and holding of state funds (Senate Bill 2969 Veterans).

• Approved Resolution authorizing the placement of a US Military tracked vehicle.

• Approved Lisa Mauney and Kathi Watson to attend Winter Workshop.

• Approved Intent to participate in the 2020 update of the District 2 Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan-Chris Marsalis.

• Approved $500.00 contribution to Leadership is Servanthood.

• Approved appointing Tracy Luna, Vicki Horton, and Shana Casteel Municipal Deputy Clerks.

• Approved setting a public hearing for clean-up properties at 207  Hazel Road and 208 W. Pine Street.

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