LAKE MOHAWK • A Falkner man died of a suspected drowning at Lake Mohawk on Memorial Day.

State and local emergency officials recovered the body of Stan Horton, 49, after a two-hour search of the lake. Horton was an assistant coach at Falkner High School.

According to Tippah County Coroner Chris McCallister, a call was dispatched around 5:20 p.m. Monday, May 31, about a man who went under the water at Lake Mohawk and did not come back up.

Dry Creek Fire Department were the first responders on the scene. Once there, DCFD requested a dive team and began searching the lake.

"There were about 20 or more people in the lake," said Dry Creek Deputy Fire Chief Heath Pannell. "I had them get in a single file line about arm's length and walk the area trying to spread out as much as possible."

Pannell said community members and people around the lake were on boats searching for the Horton. Fishing depth finders were used to search the lake.

"One of our community members came out with a high-powered depth finder and spotted a mass," continued Pannell. "They did drop a marker there. At that time, the Mississippi Wildlife and Fisheries Department arrived and requested all boats that were not state or regulation to pull out so they could start dragging the lake."

McCallister stated that Tippah deputies and game wardens helped with the search, and Union County EMA was called in to help drag the lake. McCallister said UCEMA used sonar to hit on possible spots where the body might be located.

Horton's body was recovered around 7:30 p.m., about 20 minutes after officials started dragging the lake.

"I would like to thank community members from the lake and all over that came in to help," said Pannell. "People came to us wanting to know what they could do. The people in the water did everything we asked them to. We really appreciate it."

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