Andrew Carter celebrated 100 years of life on Thursday, July 22 with friends and family.

RIPLEY • Andrew Carter, a lifelong resident of Tippah County who holds the distinction of being the county’s oldest living World War 2 veteran, turned 100 years old on Thursday, July 22.

Carter celebrated his birthday surrounded by friends, family, gifts and cake at McDonald’s, where he can be found enjoying a morning coffee most days.

Carter, a Navy veteran who participated in the Battle of the Bulge aboard the SS Filipe De Neve, a Merchant Marine Liberty Ship, was born in 1921 to Tom and Lorando Buchanan Carter.

Carter, along with his service in World War 2, worked at the Ripley Biltrite Maintenance Department for 26 years before retiring. Carter has also worked as a farmer for most of his life and still tends to his home-place farm to this day.

A devoted husband to Natha Naomi Street and a beloved dad to six children, along with several grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Carter enjoys life while farming, going to the coffee shop with friends, gardening, working his yard, tending to his two cats, and much more.

Carter credits his longevity to hard work, exercise, healthy eating and wonderfully skilled doctors and nurses. Carter also credits God for watching over him throughout his century of life through many perilous times.

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