DUMAS - What started as a Dumas man’s knife-making hobby resulted in him being cast on a show as a top knife craftsman. Wesley Crum competed in Season 8 of The History Channel’s show, Forged in Fire, where world-class bladesmiths re-create historical edged weapons in a cutthroat competition. The show features four contestants per episode completing different challenges. Judges eliminate contestants based on the results of the challenges, until a winner is chosen. Although Wesley said he “Didn’t do wonderful,” not making it past the first round, he is still grateful for the opportunity to be on the show.

Crum was a fan of the show prior to being cast as a competitor. Three years ago, his son, Chandler, now 15, got him a set of knife handle scales for Father’s Day, hoping his dad would make him a knife.

Crum, who works with the Mississippi Forestry Commission, had no idea how to make knives at the time. He learned how to make knives from a DVD created by J. Neilson, a judge on the show.

Fast-forward to Spring, 2019. Crum saw that the show was casting for a new season. He told his wife, Erin, that he was applying “Kind of as a joke.” The casting agent liked the story of how Crum got started making knives. COVID hit shortly after him being cast, and production was shut down. In March 2021, production resumed, and Crum was flown to New York City for four days of filming. “I didn’t have to pay a dime for anything, and I really enjoyed the experience,” he says. It was his first time in NYC, and he visited 911 Memorial and The Statue of Liberty before heading to Stanford, Connecticut, for filming.

Being on the show has helped Crum take his knives to the next level. “I met my mentor, J. Neilson, and the other judges I’ve been watching on tv for a few years,” he says. Crum was selected as a participant in the “Judge’s Takeover - J. Neilson” episode, where he came up with the blades and all the challenge parameters.

The judges recall past contestants to be on future episodes, and suggested Crum apply for a redemption. When asked if he would return to the show, Crum said, “I would go back in a heartbeat. It’s possible. You never know what the future’s going to hold.”

In addition to being a father to Chandler and a husband to Erin, Crum has a stepson, Kaleb, 17, a daughter, Ella, 5, and an Old English Bulldog named Lucy.

Wesley Crum’s knives can be ordered on social media platforms by searching for w.crum-bladesmith.

His website is: wcrumbladesmith.com

 Forged in Fire airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on The History Channel.

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