RIPLEY --Tippah County Supervisors corrected the county’s road registry, declared a new Second District election commissioner, distributed about $136,000 to the county’s fire departments, and accepted a bid to repair the Tippah County Jail Complex roof during their meeting Sept. 15.

Present at the meeting were the following: President of the Board and Dist. 1 Supervisor Jimmy Gunn, Dist. 2 Supervisor Greg Harrell, Board Vice President and Dist. 3 Supervisor Mike Graves, Dist. 4 Supervisor Glenn Michael, Dist. 5 Supervisor Chad Newby, County Administrator Melinda Crum, Clerk for the Board Mike Long, Board Attorney B. Sean Akins, Sheriff Karl Gaillard, Tim Watson, Jack Griffin, TCDF Director Chris Lewellen, Pam Meeks with Strategic Solutions for Families, L. D. Cox, Tony Morgan, Road Manager Larry Jackson and other guests. Supervisors:

--Opened a public hearing.

State law requires the county to adopt a specific county road map that outlines all public roads as of July 1, 2000. The county must also adopt a county road registry that identifies the name and number of each road in the system, along with a general reference to the terminal point and course of each road.

On Jan. 26, 2006 the county adopted its official county road map and county road registry that included County Road 419.

The road registry and the official county road map aren’t consistent, and the road registry should be corrected to reflect the intentions of the board, supervisors said. Correcting the official road map may impact landowners in the area. The board set the public hearing to offer those impacted with due process a chance to comment as to whether the road registry or road map should be corrected.

Landowners in the area who have land that adjoins CR 419 asked that the board correct the road registry to reflect that CR 419 terminates at the western border of the L. D. Cox property in Section 30, Township 3S, Range 3E.

Supervisors then voted to make that change. The public hearing was then closed.

--Declared Larry Nabors to be the Second District Election Commissioner. Nabors had been appointed due to a vacancy in the position. A special election was scheduled, but since Nabors was the only candidate who qualified for the position, supervisors opted to cancel the election and declare Nabors the new commissioner. --Distributed a total of about $136,000 in state fire rebate funds, local funds and code funds to the county’s fire departments.

Supervisors delegated payments of $12,500 each to volunteer departments in Dumas, Dry Creek, Blue Mountain, Mitchell, Gravestown, Spout Springs, Three Forks (already paid in July, supervisors said), $12,600 to the Town of Falkner, $16,000 to the Town of Walnut, and $20,000 to the City of Ripley.

--Accepted the lower of two proposals -- from Alberson’s Roofing for $40,000 -- to repair the Tippah County Jail Complex roof. The other bid was from Wages Roofing for $110,000. --Acknowledged the Statement of Understanding related to any grant the county might receive through the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. --Approved a five-year lease purchase and promissory note agreement with The Peoples Bank of Ripley to buy a $127,761.17 tandem, axle day cab class 8 truck from Tri-State Truck Center, Inc. The annual interest rate is 2.5 percent on the agreement, which is to be repaid in five annual consecutive payments of $25,552.53 each, beginning April 1, 2023.

The only other lease-purchase bid to finance purchase of the truck was from BNA Bank at a 3.5 percent interest rate.

--Approved the Sept. 7 minutes and authorized travel requests.

--Received a report from Stacy Hill regarding the County Lowes Charge Account and voted to pay $179.55 to Lowes.

--Heard a report from Hill regarding the County Visa Account and voted to pay $707.88 to Visa.

--Approved the Claims Docket.

--Approved the Road Manager report. --Approved a series of budget amendments.

--Approved a pay request for the Tippah County Hospital project. The board is using a lease purchase agreement with the Tippah County Foundation Hospital LLC to build the hospital.

--Approved an agreement for administrative services with Jack Griffith and Associates to administer a Community Development Block Grant to do work on the Tiplersville Water project.

--Approved a Memorandum of Understanding with Strategic Solutions for Families, Inc. --Recessed until 10 a.m. Monday, Oct. 4.

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