RIPLEY -- The Board of Trustees of the Tippah County Hospital purchased new windows for the Tippah County Nursing Home, bought another ambulance, renewed three doctors’ hospital privileges, and approved an additional benefit package for the hospital’s administrator, according to the most recently available board minutes.

Present at the Monday, Oct. 4 meeting were trustees Ray Crawford, Roger Childs, David Hubbard, Vicki Skinner, Lana Richardson, and Greg Ward.

Also present for the meeting were Dr. Patrick Chapman, Stephanie McAlister, Carol Anne Hurt, Amy Jones, Veronica Hoyle, Melinda Crum, and Fred C. Permenter, Jr. Trustee Robert Cagle was absent.

A quorum was declared present and Trustee David Hubbard gave the invocation. All votes taken at the meeting were unanimous.


--Heard from Administrator Chapman, who presented his monthly report to the board. Trustee Greg Ward recused himself from the meeting.

The administrator discussed the need to replace the windows in the Tippah County Nursing Home. The windows are being replaced because they are single pane and over 50 years old.

The administrator advised the board that two bids were received for replacing the nursing home windows: Quality Glass & Aluminum, $38,520; and Maloney Glass & Overhead Door, $54,000.

After review of the bids, the board voted to accept the lowest and best bid of Quality Glass & Aluminum. Trustee Greg Ward returned to the meeting.

--Heard from Dr. Chapman, who advised trustees an emergency situation had arisen at the hospital with the hospital being seriously short on ambulances since the loss of the last ambulance. “The ambulance was in an MVA that was not our fault and resulted in the ambulance being totaled,” the administrator said.

Dr. Chapman told the board that ambulances were very hard to get but he had located an ambulance that was built in 2019, never used, and was for sale for $126,800.

He told the board that without another ambulance, the hospital would be at risk of being unable to serve its target areas. The board then authorized the emergency purchase of the never-used 2019 ambulance from Braun Manufacturing at a purchase price including delivery of $126,800.

--Granted Tippah County Hospital privileges to the following personnel: Charles E. Elliott, M.D. - Reappointment - Family & Emergency Medicine; Troy R. Cappleman, M.D. - Reappointment - Family& Emergency Medicine; and Dwalia S. South, M.D. - Reappointment - Family Medicine.

--Authorized an additional benefit package for Dr. Chapman.

-Approved minutes of the September 2021 meeting, as provided to the board members prior to the meeting.

--Heard from Chief Nursing Officer Carol Anne Hurt, who gave reports on Quality Management, Core Measure Compliance, Accreditation Management, Patient Satisfaction, Medical Staff Reports, Compliance and Security, Risk Management, Employee Relations, and Credentialing.

--Adopted the following recommended policies, all of which are contained in the hospital’s policy book: Evacuation Policy 2021; Refusal of Evacuation; NSG New Transfusion Policy; Employee Health Standing Orders for Lab; Employee Influenza Vaccination Record; Patient Flu Vaccination Record 2021-22.

--Heard from Chief Financial Officer Stephanie McAlister, who presented the financial report for August 2021. After a full review and discussion by the board the financial report -- including the fiscal and statistical report, write-offs, budget adjustments, and accounts payable for the month of August 2021 -- was accepted and approved.

--Entered into executive session to discuss certain legal and personnel issues. The executive session was later concluded.

--Heard from the board attorney, who advised board members that officers for the 2021-2022 year needed to be elected. Following discussion by board members the following officers were elected: President - Ray Crawford; Vice President - Lana Richardson; and Secretary - Vicki Skinner.

--Adjourned until Nov. 1, 2021, at 4 p.m. for a meeting via teleconference.

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