Tina Campbell Meadows

It’s time to lose weight, eat better, go to church more, tithe more, volunteer, save money, reduce stress level, start a hobby, get out of debt and become a better wife and mother.

I’m making most of these resolutions this year and I bet you are too. I will start out enthusiastic about all of them, but by the end of January, I will probably be back to my old ways.

The problem with resolutions is that they are easily broken. Mine are dependent on willpower, circumstances and reality. My willpower fades, my circumstances take over and reality sets in.

I want to lose 20 pounds and run a mile in a week. I want to save half my check and be out of debt by tax time. I want to create a myriad of art and craft projects all at once. I want to be home at 5 p.m. and have dinner cooked, dishes washed, and coffee and tea waiting for my family.

Realistically, though, it cannot be done. Twenty pounds is a lot to lose in a week. I would have to stop eating, exercise every minute of the day and get digestive parasite. No one can save half their check and pay their bills. It’s hard to finish one art project while working on and planning many. And with a job that requires long, sometimes odd hours, I cannot be home to have dinner on the table every night.

Even though I know these are unrealistic expectations, I get depressed anyway. I stress myself out worrying about them. (Reduce stress level is on my resolution list.) Then, I stop caring and give up.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this. Unrealistic expectations are unhealthy and make people unhappy. Setting smaller and fewer goals is a much better approach.

This year I will not set my goals too high. I will tackle them one at a time. I will diet, but will not get depressed when I lose slowly. I will start many art projects, but only one at a time. I will start saving, but it might just be 5 percent of my paycheck. I will be a good wife and mother, but dinner might be takeout. If I fall off the bandwagon, I will get back on.

2022 will be my year and I hope it will be yours too. So pick your goals, know your limitations and follow through.

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