I just don’t have the time. I don’t have the time to paint, craft, garden, exercise, eat right, read, take photographs, spend time with friend and family, cook, clean the house, go to the movies, write, start a business, cook, fix my hair, fix my makeup, blog…I just don’t have time for anything.

Sometimes I don’t have time but sometimes I do. I just need a little bit of planning and organization.

What if I took the time to plan my meals and do prep work ahead of time? What if I got up an hour early to exercise? What if I used part of that hour to fix my hair and makeup? What if I turned the television off at night and read or crafted? What if I set aside part of my weekend for a date night or fellowship with family and friends? What if I actually wrote out a business plan and researched information on my business ideas? What if I made a chart and a list of chores I needed to do daily, weekly and monthly? What if…?

Would I get everything done? Probably. Would I be successful at everything? Maybe.

I recently started keeping a food journal and planning my meals for the week. I even started doing the prep work for my meals on Sunday afternoon and freezing or refrigerating them for later. This saves me a ton of time during the week and makes it easier for me to come home, fix dinner and do other things I would like to do. I has also helped me chose healthy meals and in turn I have lost a little weight.

One simple act of planning and organization has helped me obtain several of my goals. I have had more time to cook; I have been eating healthier; and I have more time in the evening for other things.

Think of what things we could accomplish if we took the time to organize our lives., if we stopped procrastinating, being lazy, making excuses and followed through on our endeavors. The possibilities are endless. I am going to start getting up earlier in the morning. I might go for a walk or do some aerobics. This little bit of exercise will make a big difference in the way I feel and I know it. What other benefit will it have? I can’t wait to see.

How can you organize your life? Start with a simple to do list. Make a plan and go from there. Don’t overwhelm yourself and don’t try to be a perfectionist. Pick one task to start with, follow through on that task and see what a difference it will make. I benefited from a little planning and I’m sure you will too.

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