It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere we go. It looks like Christmas in the department stores and gift shops, in the grocery stores, at the Sentinel office and even inside my house and outside my window. Christmas has arrived in Benton and Tippah Counties.

Every store I visit is decked out with reds and greens and silvers and golds. Cinnamon and evergreen scents permeate the air. There are twinkling trees and festive decorations on almost every aisle. Gifts galore are available for purchase. Area merchants are holding open houses, special promotions and giveaways to showcase these decorations and gifts. Almost every Christmas item imaginable is available for purchase.

I visited one of our local grocery stores Sunday and was not expecting the holiday rush. The store was packed. I could not even walk through the aisles. I assume everyone was preparing for Thanksgiving early or Snow Storm 2020, but it could have been Christmas. Displays featured Santa cookies, candy canes, eggnog, minced meat, cocoa, fruitcakes, spiced cider and even Christmas Gifts. Red and green decorations and holiday scents were prominent there, too. Patrons, myself included, mindlessly filled our carts with seasonal goodies as we made our trek to the check out line. The store was hectic but everyone had cheerful, pleasant holiday spirit about them. Sometimes holidays bring the best out of people.

We’re in the holiday spirit at the Sentinel, too. Our Christmas tree, made from big sparkly packages, is up for everyone to see. Each year during our annual Good Samaritan Center food drive, we stack donated commodities on and around our tree. Before the season is over, we will have hundreds, possibly thousands, of cans decorating our tree. This is a real testament to the charitable hearts of people in Tippah County and to us at the Sentinel the sign that Christmas is really here.

At my house, I have been making decorations already. I have been covering pines cones with glitter and fashioning homemade wreaths and angels. I have had my cinnamon potpourri simmering and have been serving my family peppermint cocoa and spiced cider. The cooler weather and has gotten me in the holiday spirit much earlier than usual. I hope it lasts throughout the holidays.

Whether you’re shopping for gifts, decorations or food; donating to a good cause; making your own ornaments; or just trying to stay warm, remember to stay cheerful this season. Christmas only happens once a year so don’t let the hustle and bustle (or current health and political outlooks) steal the peace and joy this holiday can bring. It is the most magical time of the year.

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