It seems that spring is finally upon us and people are getting outside to enjoy the mild weather. It's often tempting to run to the beach this time of year. That's certainly a good idea. It's also a good idea to stay right here in Benton or Tippah County.

Our counties offers a plethora of ways that families, couples or individuals can get out and enjoy the weather. There are ponds and lakes for fishing throughout the counties. There are parks in nearly every town. There are national forests with various plants and animals to see and creeks to explore. 

Just off of Highway 15 in Tippah County, there's a hidden treasure. Tippah Lake is beautiful, well-maintained and offers a variety of options for fun. You can camp in an RV or take a tent and camp the old fashioned way. It's a great place for a good walk for families who enjoy fitness and exercise. There are countless places to have a picnic. You can even take a boat out on the water for extra fun.

Tippah Lake is also a great destination for fishing. There are docks to sit or stand on in several places. The banks are well maintained if you prefer fishing from the bank. For a lot of children, fishing with their parents becomes a lifetime memory. It doesn't really matter whether you're skilled angler or if you never get a bite. It's the quality time spent together that fosters those memories.

Photography enthusiasts will find plenty of things to photograph. In the evening, the sunset reflects beautifully on the lake. Around the edges of the lake are beautiful plants. The ducks and geese are easy to photograph, as they're somewhat accustomed to people being in the park.

If the lake just isn't your thing, you could take a family outing to one of the many playgrounds in the county. Push your children in the swings, cheer for them as they climb over equipment, or spend some quality time talking to your spouse while the children play on their own.

Vacations to other areas are great. Sometimes, a change of scenery can do the heart and mind a wealth of good. Don't forget how much your own area has to offer, though. You can enjoy the weekend here without taking time off of work and without breaking the bank.

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