Each spring and summer, hundreds of Tippah County youngsters participate in organized summer league ball programs.

The players come in all shapes, sizes and skills. But they’re all there for one reason – to have fun.

Along with good time good clean fun, we believe there are many other benefits associated with summer league baseball programs.

Along with “hit and run, have fun” aspect of the programs, there are many other benefits. There is the physical fitness aspect of playing baseball. Participants have the chance to do something constructive with their time. Youngsters learn to be a part of a team and learn to win and lose with class.

Many more people than just the players are involved with summer league baseball in the county. Coaches, parents, umpires, park workers and administrators all work hard to make these programs happen.

All those involved in the summer league baseball programs deserve appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the area’s youth. The old saying is that no one stands taller than when he or she stoops to help a child.

If that’s true, there are a lot of stooped people around here who deserve our appreciation for making these programs a “hit” year after year.

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