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Greetings friends. I’m praying you’re having a great day. I want to give you a story, an actual event, then give some scripture and a word about it. The story you may have heard or one similar to it. Years ago in the Special Olympics in Seattle, Washington, nine runners, all physically or mentally challenged, were set to take off on this 100 yard dash. Everyone was excited as though it were the Super Bowl. Finally, the gun sounded and they were off, when well into the run some looked back and noticed that one of them had tumbled out of the starting blocks and was laying on the track crying. One by one, they went back to their friend and began to gather around him and help him up. One little girl with Down’s Syndrome kissed him and said, “that’ll make it all better.” Once up, all nine locked arms and walked together to the finish line, all smiling as though they had all won. And they had. The family and friends in the stands all jumped to their feet celebrating this special moment.

Why does a story like this make our spines tingle or maybe draw a tear? Maybe it’s because we all know that helping others is really what life ought to be about. According to our Bibles helping others is a very:

1. Christian thing to do - 1Thessalonians 5:11 says, wherefore comfort yourselves together, edify (build up) one another. Then verse14 says, comfort the feebleminded (low spirited or fainthearted), support the weak, be patient toward all men. As Christian men and women we can get caught up in the “spirit” of this world if we are not careful, a world that is selfish, mean, brutal and at best, indifferent. God forgive us.

2. Christlike thing to do - Jesus taught us in the story of the Good Samaritan the need of helping others who have fallen along the way, whether by their own failures or from the brutality of others. You may walk that “Jericho Road” one day and need some help. What an example of unselfish care is given.

3. Church thing to do - The scriptures point out in Acts 11:29,30 how the disciples, or the church in Antioch, sent relief to those in Jerusalem during a time of drouth. It says every man according to his ability determined to send relief. Today, it could mean helping others through a Good Samaritan program, or relief where a Hurricane or Tornado has brought devastation, or just helping a friend or neighbor in a tight.

The bottom line, lock arms with somebody and help them get up and finish the race.

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