Coley Bryant and Casey Dillard in a scene from the movie "We Go Back," directed by Glenn Payne. "We Go Back" is one of the Oxford Film Festival movies competing for the $15,000 Artist Vodka competition.

OXFORD • Oxford Film Festival online patrons have until Friday to decide which filmmaker will receive a $15,000 prize for their work in this year’s short film program.

Artist Vodka, a sponsor of the festival, will present the $15,000 check to the film that receives the most votes from the three blocks of films currently showing on the festival website,

While the rest of the filmmakers will get a split of the ticket sales (continuing the film festival’s pledge to share the proceeds from the weekly film fests this year) one filmmaker will become a big winner with the audience’s help this year.

“Artist Vodka continues to be such an important part of our film festival by lending a big financial hand to one of our filmmakers as they have in years past,” Executive Director Melanie Addington said. “And now our audience members can take a real active part in deciding whose name will go on that big check. It adds a rooting interest to the entertainment each one of these three programs delivers in a major way. I can’t wait to see who is going to win that prize.”

The Block 1 films (total run time 110 minutes, 19 seconds) are: “As Advised,” “The Comedian,” “Mark Muleman Massey,” “Mother’s Day,” “The Rougarou,” “…So It Goes” and “Wonder.

The Block 2 films (TRT 85:54) are “Animal,” “The Bear & The Beekeeper,” “Blocks” “In The Fall,” “Life After Death,” “A Line Birds Cannot See,” and “We Go Back.”

The Block 3 films (TRT 76:53) are “El Astronauta,” “In The Blood,” “In The Pink,” “The Indignation of Michael Busby,” “Of Memories and Madness,” and “Short Calf Muscle.”

The festival also presents Off to the Drive In, presented by sponsor Cannon Motors in the Cannon Lot, 100 Thacker Loop.

The drive-in series opens with Ed Wood’s cult classic, “Plan 9 From Outer Space,” and Loki Mulholland’s documentary “The Evers” about the family of slain Civil Rights activist Medgar Evers.

“Plan 9 From Outer Space” will be shown June 11 and “The Evers on June 12-13. Each showing starts at 8 p.m. Pre-purchase tickets are available on the festival website.

This week’s Virtual Art House offerings are highlighted by Josephine Decker’s Sundance hit “Shirley,” starring Elizabeth Moss as a renowned horror writer who, with her husband, toys with a young couple staying at her estate, Abel Ferrara’s drama “Tommaso,” which marks another pairing director with the Oscar-nominated Willem Dafoe, and two-time Emmy winner Cheryl Horner McDonough’s documentary “Parkland Rising,” which traces the international movement spawned by the tragic high school shooting massacre to fight for gun control laws.

The Film Fest showcases celebrate documentaries once again with Erin Palmquist’s “From Baghdad to the Bay,” about an Iraqi refugee and translator for the Army and his struggles compounded by coming out as a gay man, and Larissa Lam’s Mississippi documentary “Far East Deep South,” about a Chinese-American man’s journey from California to Mississippi to make a connection to his past, which reveals the South’s connection to the Chinese and the early segregated South, as well.

Two shorts programs include a Music Rocks music video package and an encore of the popular American Lens short film program – back by popular demand.

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