When it comes to leaving college to enter into the draft, you just never know what a player is going to decide.

The most puzzling decision was Jevan Snead's last season, choosing to enter the draft after a season in which he threw 20 interceptions as a junior Ole Miss quarterback.

There are different factors in play for different players. Powe spoke several weeks ago like a player who had no problem coming back, in fact, those were the words he used. He also indicated he would lean heavily on the counsel of Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt.

Powe's lengthy journey to NCAA certification has him at 23 years old right now. He'll be 24 when the draft rolls around in April.

That's a big consideration and apparently one that overrode what some NFL observers see as Powe's draft stock.

Veteran draft analyst Mike Detillier believes Powe is a late third-round pick at best. His 2010 numbers really don't match up with the SEC's elite defensive tackles, LSU's Drake Nevis and Auburn's Nick Fairley.

Nevis finished the regular season with 56 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, six sacks and four pressures, while Fairley had 51 tackles, 20 tackles for loss, 9 1-2 sacks and 19 pressures.

Powe's last season at Ole Miss included 27 tackles, 8 1-2 tackles for loss, 2 1-2 sacks, one pressure.

Powe was a favorite in interview sessions, because of his engaging personality. Hopefully the draft works out for him.

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