Some interesting comments here from Shay Hodge on his quarterback, Jevan Snead.

There developed such a comfort level from Snead to Hodge this year that its been detrimental to the development of other receivers. Sometimes the play was called to Hodge, sometimes Snead was just clearly looking to Hodge.

Decision-making played a part of Snead's 17 interceptions, and that's one of the things he says he hopes to improve if he chooses to return for his senior season.

Hodge says there were times - though not many - that he saw a pass coming his way and wished it wasn't.

"Yeah, maybe a couple of times. If it looked like a bad pass I was going to try and make a play on it anyway," Hodge said.

Hodge finished the regular season as the SEC leader with 63 catches.

The next full-time wide receiver was Markeith Summers with only 17 catches.

Here's where the numbers are skewed a little bit. Dexter McCluster was a full-time receiver for the first six games and has 39 catches.

Still, there's a gap of almost 30 catches from your first option to another option.

While Hodge will be missed next season the guess is the ball will be spread around more, because no one in the group will have such a head start on chemistry and trust with the quarterback.

Freshman Pat Patterson has the ability to really up his game last year. He has only 12 catches right now, but Hodge had only 16 as a freshman.

Interesting times ahead at receiver. ...

More from Hodge on Snead's inability to fully shake the interception bug: "He was never dead, never went into a shell like most players would probably do, always kept himself up. Yeah, I sense frustration, because he's human. I know he's frustrated and wants to do good. He's one of those guys that wants to do great, but I don't necessarily sense it, after it's over it's over. He goes on to the next down."


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