Matt Corral enters

Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral takes the stage on Tuesday afternoon at SEC Media Days.

HOOVER, Ala. – An article addressing the importance Ole Miss junior quarterback Matt Corral places on his mental health was published by CBS Sports on Tuesday. In the story, written by Dennis Dodd, Corral spoke about a battle with depression earlier in his college life.

At SEC Media Days Tuesday afternoon, Corral discussed why he chose to speak out about his mental health rather than shy away from the conversation.

“I learned a lot about myself (during COVID-19), just understanding who I am as a person, and understanding my weaknesses and focusing on my weaknesses to make them my strengths,” Corral said. “I had a little different experience growing up. I wasn't the richest kid, but I wasn't the poorest. But I believe we all end up in a place for a reason, and I think a lot of people need to understand that.

"Not everyone's going to understand your point of view, but as long as you do and you're doing the right thing, I think that's ultimately what matters.”

Kiffin talks Twitter

Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin has become somewhat of a Twitter folk hero in recent years, using the social media application to chat with fans, dispel rumors and talk about #ratpoison.

Given his proficiency on the medium (He has more than 488,000 followers), it was somewhat surprising to find he originally had no intention of building up his Twitter persona.

“Twitter was not a plan, like, a long time ago. … I didn't know anything about it. It started a long time ago for recruiting,” Kiffin explained at SEC Media Days. “So that's really how we had to learn to use Twitter, or we're going to fall behind.

I think it's comical when I jump on there and read things and how people react to things, or the rumors that people write. It just gives people a platform to say and do whatever they want. I guess sometimes I do that, too.”

'He rips it'

Georgia quarterback J.T. Daniels, like Corral, is a Southern California native. Daniels attended powerhouse Mater Dei, located about 20 miles from where Corral finished his prep career at Long Beach Poly.

The two have built a relationship over the years, Daniels said, and Corral has an arm that the rest of college football should be envious of.

“I met a lot of these guys when I was in elementary, middle school,” Daniels said. “I remember in seventh grade I did a camp, and I came there and thought I was going to be by far the strongest, biggest arm. I had a good arm when I was a seventh grader, and that dude Matt rips it, like as a seventh grader. I thought he was a high schooler. He's just always had a cannon. We became buddies instantly. Honestly, we've been good friends since then.”

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