If you're an Ole Miss fan, how do you feel about this football season? It's a season that's certainly been all over the map from a No. 4 ranking to a late push to bowl-eligibility to having the Capital One Bowl in the palm of your hand.

There's been an offense that never was able to fully distance itself from the turnover bug. That fact alone made the passing game inconsistent.

It's an offense that ran the ball extremely well at the end but never ran with great success in the SEC beyond Dexter McCluster, who will be gone next year.

Defensively, the Rebels were really good for 10 out of 12 games. Auburn and Mississippi State both put up more than 400 yards and combined for 74 points.

A win in either of those road losses would have elevated the Rebels to the Capital One Bowl.

Ole Miss got off the ground after losing at Auburn and played some really good football against Tennessee and LSU.

Collectively, is there excitement for the program going into a second-straight Cotton Bowl?


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