Keith Carter

Ole Miss AD Keith Carter is eager to play as many football games as possible, but it’s complicated.


We were told from the beginning this football season would be different.

That was the caveat for having this football season.

But as COVID football rocked a long, and games kept being played a false sense of security developed.

Disruption was what happened in other leagues to other teams.

There have been stories along the way, positive cases for players at various schools, even for Nick Saban at Alabama, and the constant drum beat of contract tracing, the players who haven’t tested positive but hung out with someone who did, that can quickly take a team out of commission.

SEC disruption peaked last week when only three of seven scheduled games were played. Even then Ole Miss skirted the temporary shutdown and posted an impressive – on offense – 59-42 home win against South Carolina.

Ole Miss got its first taste of COVID disruption Monday when the postponement – or cancellation depending on how things progress – of the Texas A&M game became official.

The second taste came on Tuesday when it was announced that basketball coach Kermit Davis had received one positive test and was awaiting results of a second.

Ole Miss football, basketball and baseball have all been impacted by COVID-19 at different times.

The irony here is that considering the uncertainty around college football just a few months ago that it’s taken so long to be really be felt in the football program, but it is, and you push through.

Procedures are in place to treat the positive cases and help them get back in action.

The question is how much action remains?

Ole Miss AD Keith Carter says the SEC will work to play as many games as possible, but ultimately what gets played will come down to available dates. There’s a trickle down effect too. For instance, an Ole Miss make-up with Texas A&M would come only after the Aggies make up their first postponement, Tennessee.

Ole Miss is currently 3-4 in Lane Kiffin’s debut season. The defense makes fans nervous, but the offense gives hope … lots of hope.

It would be disappointing to see a season already shortened by a couple of games lose a game or two more.

Carter on Monday was confident that Ole Miss will appear in a bowl game, so in a best-case scenario there are four games remaining.

Having had a bye week just two weeks ago and playing so well on offense it would be better to be playing again.

Maybe Kiffin can keep his offense ramped up and get a little improvement from his defense.

And maybe COVID will allow an intriguing Ole Miss football team to continue in what could be the start of a strong finish.

Parrish Alford ( covers Ole Miss for the Daily Journal. Find more on Facebook in ‘Ole Miss Discussion w/Parrish Alford.’

Parrish Alford ( covers Ole Miss for the Daily Journal. Find more on Facebook in ‘Ole Miss Discussion w/Parrish Alford.’


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