Ty Hardin

Soon after his hiring was announced on Tuesday, Ty Hardin took to Twitter to speak to his new players.

Tupelo hit a home run with its head football coach hire earlier this week.

Tupelo hired Ty Hardin as the 27th head football coach in school history on Tuesday. He replaces Trent Hammond, who resigned last month after seven years of leading the Golden Wave program.

Hardin is a household name around the area. He was born and raised in Houston, where he has coached for the last eight seasons. He was an assistant for his first four seasons and has been the head coach for the last four.

As a head coach, he led the Hilltoppers to a 38-14 record and a playoff appearance in all four seasons. He’s reached the third round of the playoffs in three consecutive seasons.

His numbers speak for themselves, but that’s not the only reason why I think Hardin is the perfect fit at Tupelo.

Hardin is the coach that anybody would want. He is one of the most energetic people in the business, and one of the most relatable to high school kids.

He truly cares about his players, and that shows through his work. The first thing he posted when being hired by Tupelo was a 24-second video on Twitter saying he was extremely excited to get to know everyone, and said at the end that there would be no football played for a while. He wanted to get to know every single player first.

He plans on using Google Classroom and Zoom to have individual and group meetings with players to try and get to know them better while COVID-19 guidelines are still in place.

“I think you win in this world with relationships more than anything else, and I deep down believe that,” Hardin said in Tuesday’s press conference. “I already contacted my staff and I told them I believe in relationships and people, because you win with people.

“I just always wanted to make a point if I got the opportunity to be a football coach that I would overly invest into my players and overly invest in the community, coaches, and parents around me.”

That resonated through the hiring process, as did Hardin’s energy levels. Hardin is a guy who works out at 4 a.m., and he posts videos of himself and his daughter, Evy, playing outside.

He has a knack for making anyone want to get out of their seat and strap on a helmet, and Tupelo principal Art Dobbs made that clear when asked about Hardin’s energy.

“Before I talked to him, I didn’t know how high-energy he was …” Dobbs said. “One of the things that stuck out to me from our initial conversation was that if I was a 15-year old kid, I think I’d love playing for this guy.”


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