Tin Cup - Sports Movies bracket April 2020

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Voting has begun for the second round of the Daily Journal Sports Movie Bracket Challenge.

The first round saw several upsets, including No. 12 seed “Little Big League” upending No. 5 “The Pride of the Yankees.” Can mini-manager Billy Heywood get the better of “The Sandlot” bunch in the second round?

Those two are in the Costner Regional, on which voting starts today. Chitwood Regional voting is set for Tuesday, following by the Eastwood Regional on Wednesday and the Cruise Regional on Thursday.

Looking ahead, two No. 14 seeds are still alive. “Tin Cup” scored an upset over “Raging Bull,” while “Necessary Roughness” took down “Brian’s Song.”

To vote, follow @DJournalpreps on Twitter.

See the full upcoming schedule of when polls will open and results for each round here: https://buff.ly/2JHLiuR

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