TUPELO After running in the Boston Marathon earlier this year, the 35th annual Green Street Mile on Thursday morning was a nice change of pace for Mooreville’s Lori Beth Ellis.

Ellis, normally a long distance runner, claimed first place overall in the women’s division in 6 minutes, 9 seconds. She defeated last year’s winner, Cheri Butzberger, by one second.

Ellis prefers long distance running, but said she normally comes out to the Green Street Mile most years for a change of pace and to support the local races in her hometown.

The Green Street Mile is much different than the 26 miles she ran in 3 hours and 40 minutes in Boston, but Ellis said it doesn’t make it easy.

“When you do something like Boston, you’re steady pacing the whole way,” Ellis said. “Out here, you’re giving it all you have for that one mile. It’s a very different feeling, but I’m about the same amount of tired either way.”

The men’s overall winner this year was Giacomo DeLuca III, a sophomore track runner at Mississippi State University. He finished in 4 minutes, 28 seconds, two seconds ahead of teammate Slater Richardson.

“That was a little friendly competition between us. It was fun,” DeLuca said. “I really thought he was about to take off on me around 800 meters. He started to pull away but I wasn’t going to let him leave me.”

DeLuca runs the mile for the Bulldogs during the season, and while he was happy that he won, he was about 10 seconds slower than he would have liked. His indoor personal best during this past season was 4:16.

Accustomed to running everyday, the MSU team is now running 75 miles per week. The team does up to 15 mile-long runs, and he said that helps his mile sprints tremendously.

“It really helps a lot to stay mentally tough,” DeLuca said. “Once you’re in a long run and you get to mile 10 or 11, you really have to buckle down to finish. That helps with sprinting.”

In the masters division, the male winner was Jim Brown with a 5:00 and the female winner was Amy Ballard with a 7:14.

Age class winners

12-under: Taylor Brown, Kayli Hall; 13-19: Chris Webber, Leah Johnson; 20-29: Jack Nance, Julie Peters; 30-39: Adam Morris, Brittany Sanders; 40-49: Felio Perez, Carla Durham; 50-59: Bobby Watts, Ginger Howe; 60-over: John Sullivan, Connie DeFazio.

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