When, as an adult, Beth Tiller took an interest in hunting, she had to rely on a friend to show her the way. Now, 11 years down the road, she takes great pride in being the friend others may rely upon, a friend who, in most cases, they otherwise would never have met.

“I didn’t have any great passion starting out,” Tiller says, “I just wanted to see what hunting was about. A friend took me turkey hunting and I was immediately smitten. It changed my mindset about the outdoors. It changed my life.”

Today, she volunteers with the National Wild Turkey Federation as their Women in the Outdoors coordinator for the state of Arkansas. She spends practically every weekend now hosting hunts for women who want to learn for themselves what these traditions are all about.

“Taking other women hunting is important to me because someone once took a chance on me,” she said. “I want to hunt with friends, with other women like me. Most of the best parts of hunting are friendship-based, and I want to hunt with the same kinds of friends I’d do other things with. Helping other women learn to hunt goes a long way toward fulfilling that opportunity for myself, and even further toward fulfilling it for them.”

This past weekend she was able to take a friend she’s known since childhood hunting. When Alisha Tisdale told Tiller she thought she might like to give hunting a try, nothing more needed to be said.

“Knowing you have someone willing to help you and give you the opportunity to learn gives you the confidence to give it a try,” Tisdale said. “If you’re interested in learning to hunt, reach out to the NWTF to connect with a mentor.”

Kevin Tate is V.P. of Media for Mossy Oak in West Point.

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