This Mississippi High School Activities Association upheld the decision of restrictive probation for Mooreville’s football program, meaning the Troopers will not be eligible for the playoffs this season.

In a 38-7 loss to New Albany earlier this season, Mooreville players and coaches walked off the field with 8:18 remaining following three physical altercations and several ejections.

Twelve players were ejected from the game six from each team – and all had to sit out four quarters.

Because the Troopers left the field before the game ended, the school was fined $500 by the MHSAA and automatically put on probation.

Mooreville filed an appeal on Thursday, Sept. 26 to try to reverse the decision.

The MHSAA executive committee met on Thursday, Oct. 3. Mooreville athletics director Roman Doty and coach Jimmy Young presented their side of the appeal, but the MHSAA upheld its decision.

“They sent us a letter this morning that said the committee voted to uphold the MHSAA’s decision,” Doty said. “I understand why Jimmy did what he did, we just didn’t go about it the right way. Obviously we are disappointed, but at the same time, it’s going to be a learning experience.”

Making their case

Doty said Mooreville was able to make their statements and they were asked a few questions in the appeal meeting, then the MHSAA officials closed out the discussion by thanking Mooreville for coming and said they would make their decision.

One part of the appeal Doty made was that he would like to see the kids get a chance to participate in the playoffs if the situation presented itself and if the kids earned the right to do so in the regular season.

Mooreville, which hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2016, is 4-3 this season with an 0-1 record in Division 2-4A following last week’s loss to Pontotoc.

With the way the Troopers have been playing, there was a good chance the team could have made the playoffs this season.

“I appreciate the opportunity to present our side and our concerns of being put on restrictive probation,” Doty said. “Unfortunately they didn’t see fit to change the decision. There’s nothing we can do except to learn from it and move on.”

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