5:50 A.M.

Good morning folks. This won't look like a live thread for a bit since I'll be driving to Oxford.

That will change, and I encourage you to check back here often for updates through the morning.

Ole Miss has 12 scholarships to use for the 2020 Class. I doubt they use them all. I suspect they'll want some flexibility to shop the transfer portal. We'll see.

7:18 A.M.

Here are the announcements that I know about or at least think I know about:

Marcus Henderson - 9 a.m.

Cedric Melton - 9 a.m.

Daran Branch - 9:30

Donovan Kaufman - 12 p.m.

Malachi Wideman - 12 p.m.

7:22 A.M.

While there remains a strong buzz for Malachi Wideman to Ole Miss keep an eye on Detraveon Brown this morning. Ole Miss had shown interest in Brown, a three-star receiver from Shreveport. He tweeted earlier this week about a door closing and looking for another to open. If Brown ultimately signs with Ole Miss it could signal that something has gone south with a these guys Lane Kiffin is hoping to flip.

7:41 A.M.

I'm seeing a lot of Twitter commentary for Wideman to Tennessee.

Everything I read for Wideman the last couple of weeks had him going to Ole Miss.

Big loss for Ole Miss from a guy they thought they had. I wonder how this changes things for Marc Britt.

You want the best talent whenever you can get it, but I still say Ole Miss has talented receivers on the roster that can be developed.

8:02 A.M.

The 247 site that covers Florida State says the Seminoles have extended an offer to a DB by the name of Sidney Williams. There's speculation that a late offer like that means FSU is not getting Donovan Kaufman.

8:08 A.M.

An Arkansas-based recruiting writer is predicting four-star Memphis lineman Marcus Henderson to the Razorbacks. That would be a bigger loss for Ole Miss than Malachi Wideman.

8:12 A.M.

I'm told preferred walk-on long snapper candidate Hayes Hammond of Tupelo will attend Mississippi State.

Ole Miss was the leader for Hammond for a long time, but communication between Ole Miss and Hammond decreased after Lane Kiffin was hired.

MSU only recently entered the picture.

Preferred walk-on long snappers often have the chance for a scholarship down the road if they develop and progress.

8:37 A.M.

We're a few minutes out from signing announcements for Marcus Henderson and Cedric Melton. The Ole Miss class is currently ranked No. 41, No. 12 in the SEC, on the 247Sports composite list.

Hugh Freeze’s transitional class was ranked No. 48, No. 12 in the SEC.

That class included some pretty productive players in Isaac Gross, Trae Elston, Jaylen Walton, Bo Wallace, Mike Hilton and Cody Core.

Matt Luke’s first class was ranked No. 32, No. 10 in the SEC.

I wouldn’t call that a true transitional class since Luke was already on staff and knew in July – not December – that he was the head coach. Of course, there was the interim thing, and it was December before that tag was officially removed.

Matt Corral was the highest-rated player in that class.

Most of those guys are still on the roster so the chance to be productive is still ahead.

9:15 A.M.

Some Georgia media are seeming more confident that Daran Branch signs with the Bulldogs. 

His signing ceremony begins at 9:30.

We should hear something on Marcus Henderson in minutes.

If the Rebels lose Henderson to Arkansas, Branch to Georgia, Wideman to Tennessee ... well that's not shaping up like a big finish.

It's recruiting, so you never know until you know.

9:23 A.M.

Tupelo WR Jaycob Horn, a former Ole Miss commit, has signed with Texas State.

9:30 A.M.

Four-star two-way lineman Marcus Henderson has signed with Arkansas. He was an important defensive line target for Ole Miss.

Ole Miss signed a four-star end in Demon Clowney to bring pressure off the edge, but the loss of Henderson means the Rebels were unable to sign interior line targets Josaih Hayes (early period), McKinnley Jackson (unless there's a stunning upset later today), Jayson Jones (need an upset to get there) and now Henderson.

9:36 A.M.

Houston three-star offensive tackle Cedric Melton has signed with Ole Miss.

9:43 A.M.

George County defensive tackle McKinnley Jackson signs with Texas A&M.

9:50 A.M.

Melton had been an Arizona commit. He also had offers from Texas Tech, Indiana, Kansas and numbers Group of Five schools. He told 247Sports that his relationship with Ole Miss OL coach Randy Clements was key in his decision.

9:51 A.M.

Next up is Branch. His ceremony was to begin at 9:30, so should be any time.

9:53 A.M.

Ole Miss has just announced Cedric Melton so the paper work is in.

10:13 A.M.

Daran Branch signs with Georgia.

The loss of Branch, a tall cornerback at 6-foot-2, continues a disappointing start to signing day for Ole Miss.

Obviously Kiffin felt like he was close to WR Malachi Wideman. Maybe those reports of Wideman to Tennessee don't hold up.

As the other targets go, safety Donovan Kaufman, the Vanderbilt commit, is expected to announced around 12 or later. 

I'm not sure when Marc Britt will announce.

Zachary Evans is expected to push his decision down the road.

There's always the chance for surprise signings, guys you didn't really hear about in the run-up to this day. 

It's looking like Ole Miss will have the spots to take a couple of those and still have room to play the field in the transfer portal.

12:10 P.M.

I see that while I was at lunch four-star RB Henry Parrish, who had previously committed to Ole Miss, signed with Ole Miss. And I see that while we wait on word from Donovan Kaufman, a three-star safety out of the New Orleans area, one of the hats on his table is Nicholls Sate.

12:12 P.M.

Tupelo schools have announced an early dismissal of 1 p.m. with all after school programs and activities cancelled ... except the signing day presser which begins at 2.

12:14 P.M.

Kaufman announces that he will stick with his commitment and sign with Vanderbilt. Another miss for Ole Miss. If original commitments in the Ole Miss class had stuck the Rebels would have pulled in OT Robert Scott and CB Daran Branch. Vanderbilt, however, didn't change coaching staffs.

The official Vanderbilt football Twitter account announces, "We've struck gold in New Orleans."

12:24 P.M.

Starting to see some buzz for Detraveon Brown signing with Ole Miss. Check out the top of this thread.

12:33 P.M.

Georgia coach Kirby Smart from his presser: "The older I get, the more wiser I get, and the more you realize that chasing the guys that don't believe in the same principles and values of your university and of your program, they're just not worth it."

Sounds like a Zachary Evans reference.

12:38 P.M.

Ole Miss has announced Brentwood, Tenn., OL Luke Shouse, who had previously committed.

12:44 P.M.

In spite of some Twitter traffic to the contrary just seconds ago Malachi Wideman has indeed signed with Tennessee.


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