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Terrence Metcalf says he and his son DK Metcalf have not discussed a transfer for the Ole Miss wide receiver.

A few thoughts on an unusual time for Ole Miss football …

While the NCAA stripped only 13 scholarships and not 25, or a higher number that had been rumored, the transfer thing is in and of itself a damaging penalty.

Some players who have announced their intentions to transfer – or are thinking about it – may be guys who are unhappy with their roles on the team.

The fact remains that if a large number of guys leave that’s a lot of depth gone.

Yes, Ole Miss has more scholarships to work with that it would have had the NCAA attached a higher number. That’s more to work with for Matt Luke and his staff, but the goings on right now are going to affect the quality of athlete Ole Miss can sign.

One player who is not thinking of transferring right now, according to his dad, is wide receiver DK Metcalf, who will be a third-year sophomore next season.

“DK is an Ole Miss Rebel. Our family has always been committed to Ole Miss. We’re not worried about any of this that’s going on,” said Terrence Metcalf, an All-American offensive lineman at Ole Miss who is now an assistant coach at Pearl River Community College.

The removal of restrictions on underclassman transfers hasn’t change anything with Metcalf.

“That’s just something Ole Miss has got to deal with right now. It ain’t something on our minds. We’re not concerned about any of that right now at all.”

Everyone’s situation is fluid, but that’s Metcalf’s position right now, Terrence Metcalf says. He did not say a possible transfer is a discussion that he and his son will or won’t have in the days and weeks ahead.

“The only person who controls that is the Lord,” Terrence Metcalf said. “As far as right now, DK is doing what he’s doing for Ole Miss, and I’m down here at Pearl River.”

The transfer story is going to play out for a while. Ole Miss students are in finals through this week. It will be easier for other schools to make contact when players are off campus during the break.

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