It didn't take long for the remarks of Memphis football coach Tommy West, at the news conference called to announce his firing, to make it to YouTube. It's worthy, about 4 1/2 minutes of pure gold.

(When we first looked at the video on Tuesday, it has about 500 views. By Tuesday evening, it was 4,500. At last check, it was almost 10,000 and going strong.)

Geoff Calkins, whose newspaper was the target of some of West's shots, gives his take here. Including this point: "West didn't gain anything by trashing the program on his way out the door. He said what he said because he wants Memphis football to succeed."

Calkins wonders, and it's the key question, whether the same can be said of the University of Memphis athletic administration.

The Commercial Appeal looks at one key issue raised by West, that of poor facilities.

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