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Social media accounts generated widespread support for Tre Hall after complications from a broken leg he suffered in a Sept. 6 game.

TUPELO After spending nearly two weeks in the hospital, Tre Hall is starting to get back to a sense of normalcy.

Hall, a junior football player for Tupelo High School, suffered a broken leg in Tupelo’s 24-6 win over Neshoba Central on Sept. 6. He underwent surgery to repair his leg the next morning, but was quickly rushed to UAB Hospital in Birmingham after complications arose.

When he came out of surgery in Tupelo, Hall was having trouble breathing due to a blood clot that formed in his leg. He was placed on a ventilator that was providing 100 percent of his oxygen supply, and he suffered a collapsed lung and pneumonia during the process.

“I was happy going into surgery on Saturday, and I thought I was waking up in recovery, but it all went downhill from there,” Hall said.

Once in Birmingham, he started to improve. He was soon off the ventilator, and was walking with the help of a walker and a physical therapist. He was moved out of ICU, and he and his mother, LaTonya Hall, ended up spending 12 days at UAB before he was able to return home to Tupelo on Wednesday, Sept. 18.

“They wanted us to stay until he was fully recovered, so we stayed the entire 12 days,” LaTonya said. “The nurses there treated him so well. They were reading his charts and told him ‘Baby, you are blessed. You had a lot of people praying for you.’”

During his hospital stay, the Tupelo community rallied together to honor Tre.

On the Monday following surgery, Tupelo High School held a prayer rally on the football field. Also on that Monday, the school started selling T-Shirts that read “Blue Collar Gold Swagger #TREstrong.”

According to reports on Twitter, hundreds of people bought the shirts and they wore them to Tupelo’s game against West Point that Friday night. Before the game, there was a prayer group near the entrance to West Point’s field.

“That all meant so much to me,” LaTonya Hall said. “All of these people are supporting Tre and I didn’t even know about the shirts until my friend text me while I was in the hospital and I just started crying. Everybody has been so supportive.”

“You hear of a lot of bad all over the world but then you see a tragedy like this happen and you see people rally around it. That’s just wonderful,” Tupelo coach Trent Hammond said.

Now back at home, Tre started back in school this week. He’s getting plenty of support there with kids pushing him around campus and helping him get to class.

Hall surprised the team before the Wave’s division opener against Hernando on Sept. 27. When the team went to eat its pre-game meal, Hall and his family were waiting. He said the team was extremely happy to see him, shaking his hand and giving him hugs.

He said he should be back to walking in four to six months.

“Getting back to a normal routine has been kind of hard,” Tre said. “I was waking up a lot in the middle of the night in pain, so I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep. Now I’m starting to sleep through the night and get to bed on time. It’s getting better.”

“I’m going to be going back to the football games soon. I’m going to be on the sidelines with my jersey on.”

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