WIns and losses come in bunches for T-Rex

By Mark Beason

Daily Journal

The only thing consistant about the Tupelo T-Rex this season has been its inconsistancy.

The T-Rex continues to win and lose games in bunches. Tupelo has lost 19 times this year and a majority of those Ls came duing a pair of losing streaks. The first streak was a five-game skid right before Christmas as the T-Rex losing seven of nine games. Of its 19 losses, 11 were during lengthy losing streaks.

A 4-0 T-Rex win against Monroe on Saturday ended a six-game slide that carried Tupelo from first to third place in the WPHL Eastern Division.

Offense is telling the tale for the T-Rex during the losing and winning streaks. In the recent six-game streak it averaged 2 goals per game, which is 1.7 goals per game lower than its season average.

All-star stars

The T-Rex were well represented in the Jan. 26 WPHL All-Star game in Odessa, Texas. Reagan Harper, Brant Blackned, Barry McKinlay and Jason Firth played in the game. McKinlay and Firth scored goals in a 10-8 loss to the Wesern Division squad. Blackned had three assists.

Prior to the game, McKinlay and Blackned won individual events in the skills competition. McKinlay won the hardest shot, with a shot that registered 96 mph. Blackned won the shooting accuarcy event, hitting four targets in seven shots.

What's on tap

Tupelo had better check the oil and gas up the bus, because the T-Rex are gearing up for life on the road. The T-Rex has just six home dates left and four those are in February.

In February, the T-Rex has key road games against Bossier-Shreveport, Corpus Christi and Monroe. Tupelo is tied for second place in the Eastern Division with Bossier-Shreveport with 58 points. Corpus Christi is in thrid with 53 point and Monroe still in the mix with 52 points.

The T-Rex play Thursday at Corpus Christi and has dates against Bossier-Shreveport Saturday and Feb. 22. Tupelo is at Monroe Feb. 14.

Tupelo was scheduled to play at home on Feb. 13 against Central Texas, but the Sampede folder last month. An announcement is expect from the WPHL office soon.

Number crunching

A look inside the stat sheet reveals one glaring fact about the T-Rex. Get the lead early.

When Tupelo is trailing after the first period, it's just 2-8-2 and that's the good news. If the T-Rex are down after two periods it might as well call it an early night. It sports a 0-13-3 record if its not tied or leading after two periods.

Attendance report

Tupelo vaulted past Monroe in attendance and is climbing the WPHL ladder. The T-Rex are averaging 2,037 fans per game, with the Moccasins drawing 1,993. Austin topps the attendance chart, getting 5,189 fans per game.

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