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RIPLEY • I hope you and your business doing well/better. I am sending this to you from the TCDF as a message of encouragement and an optimistic outlook for our county and our economic circle that we impact which also impacts us.

As we begin to open back up our local and state governments and businesses, we are committed to being the best partner and resource we can. There are still new programs that are being made available to local small business and industry, as well as updates to existing programs that you may have taken advantage of already. We try to make those available to you as members of the TCDF and other small businesses as quickly and accurately as possible, which is sometimes no easy task, especially as quickly as rules and regulations change on some of the previous relief options. Having said this, let me encourage you to check our TCDF Facebook page daily and make sure you are accessing our newsletter e-mails as soon as you receive them. Certainly during these unprecedented times we want everyone to take advantage of every opportunity to get our local economy back up and running. At the TCDF our goal is to be a resource and help that doesn't accept a new normal, but a determination to a thriving new future. Also, be on the lookout for many shop local informational and educational resources and/or promotions.

The TCDF, Ripley Main Street, and all of our Tippah County mayors are working together to promote and share how vitally important it is to shop and spend locally. More than I can ever remember we need to purposefully try to keep our tax dollars at home in Tippah County. So many budgets depend on these tax dollars. Budgets that have been tremendously affected already throughout the county. So let's do our part and more importantly encourage other county residents to do likewise.

I want to thank each person and business for your support. The TCDF looks forward to #ReboundingTippahTogether.

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