Ask serious questions before heading to the polls

    Next Tuesday, state voters will go to the polls and decide who they want to see in office from the Governor’s office on down over the next four years.

   From the local level up, important issues hang in the balance. What voters say will determine our quality of life in many ways in the coming years. Who voters elect will determine the make-up of the Legislature, how crime will be fought and prosecuted, how criminals will punished, who will run the county and how they’ll run it.

   Anyone wondering who to vote for next week could do worse than ask himself, or herself, these questions about the candidates:

--Who puts service above self, community benefit above individual gain?

--Who is running simply against someone, instead of for the job, with no ideas or goals beyond denying someone else the job?  

--Who offers nothing more than a continuation of the status quo – the “same old same old?”

--Whose ideas include a clear vision of the future—the way things could be with enough work?

--Who has workable ideas to bring businesses and/or jobs to the area?

--Who lays out in detail his or her plans for the future, including the cost, where the money will come from, if the funds will be new money or existing money taken from existing programs to fund new ones?   

--Who works well with others on the local, state and federal level?

--Who has the backbone to tell constituents the truth, even if it’s unpopular, instead of a pleasant lie?

--Who has the backbone to tell constituents what bleak future lies down the road for those unwilling to work hard enough to avoid it?

    The following are fair questions to ask of those seeking re-election:

--How am I, or my town or county or state, better off for your having been in office?

--How many new jobs, or industries, or new growth, have you helped bring in since you’ve been in office?  

    There will be a lot of folks asking for your vote in the last few days before the election. Think well before you cast that vote.

    Whoever is elected will go a long way toward determining if this area, and the state, moves forward or slides backward.

    If there was ever a time to have your say, this is it.

    When you vote on that touch-screen voting machine, you’re touching your future – literally.

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